Monday, 9 November 2009

Whilst walking past Aardman

Just to record the idea, not to really explore it anymore than I have already in my own head.
I'm sure I will revisit it, but only when it starts to feel legitimate again. It has the potential to all be inaccurate.

- The idea that this was meant to be the start of everything for me;
- That I hadn't really found myself with everything leading up to this new challenge, but had begun to explore just who I am and what makes me happy this past year and would then use this rolling ball to tackle this next stage and really come into my own. I honestly anticipated this.
- That this past year was simply the prologue to the rest of my near future.
- That I would immeadiately find my place in the world of drawing again and hold no regrets.
- That it was not going to be anything like it has been. Again, sincerely believed this. I had no reason not to.

X [For you]

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