Thursday, 25 June 2009

The red tee

Suddenly makes it a bit better.
Switzerland would be crazy but maybe it's exactly what I need. I've always wanted to go. I could bunk with Lewis and his Doll.


Imagine yourself being bored.
Imagine having that feeling since June last year.
= My year.

Monday, 15 June 2009

This covers this and 2 down.


I dont like the fact I forgot to title the blog below the previous one. It's never happened before.
I think i've sufficiently made up for it.

Tell your friends about my fantastic witticisms and observations and deconstruction of society's framework and relevance that can all be found, here, at

And yeah, I get that what just happened here is ridiculous. It's like advertising a tv channel when you're on the channel already. I was watching some sky channel and there was this advert for upgrading to sky and I was like what this has to be the most ridiculous thing i've ever seen why would you need to advertise that where the only people actually seeing the advert would have already got sky already.


Still here?


Trying to blog listening to podcasts where it's just loads of people talking makes it reallllllly hard to blog. Might need to start doing my bloggin' from the boggin'.
And I will try my very best to complete Assassin's Creed this eve, and then will start work on Metal Gear 4. Probs will be hitting up some Skate 2 alongside this, I forgot I even bought that game. Then that just leaves Call of Duty 4, Virtua Tennis and Little Big Planet. And obvs Fifa is an ongoing thing.

Kayte, i'll fit you in, dont worry. Pick some games you want to be sandwiched between.


I must be crazy to be about to start work on kicking off a potential career in the industries of creative concepts and practice. It's like having an idea/creation that you then have to pitch into the maaaaaaaaaaaasive ocean. You then have to sit, hungry, thirsty and shoeless on the sand as you stare out to the horizon, hoping someone in a lovely boat comes across your message in a bottle, and comes to save you, recognising your work as something positive. And not only that, but the captain needs to somehow either coincidentally dodge the infinite number of other bottles filled with the likelym exact same fantastic blend of creativite juices and on par ideas [anyone really can sit on a beach these days and whip their bottle of greatness into the blue, regardless of what they do or who they are], or find a way to sieve cautiously through the near-identical bottles of 'save me's [like the end of Titanic, careful not to hit anything decent/alive] to pick that which is most eligible for saving. You could easily be sitting on the sand for a very long time, and yeah occassionally a dinghy rolls over, but you realise before its too late that its not enough to get you back to civilisation as you sit sinking, and you swim back to shore to rewrite you message and try again. You might not even receive any kind of help. But you just might see that steamboat on the horizon chugging towards you. It's not an ocean liner, but it's enough to get you off the sand and cool your feet, even for a bit. I think we all get one rescue, and when it comes, it'll be up to me not to fall overboard. The key is to get the message right, which I understand is pretty difficult. But there'll always be an audience for a great idea. I cant keep throwing the same old bottles in for my whole life. I need to now start working hard on creating something valid for today, making sure my message is written well enough that it will be noticed and engaged with and upon with taken a chance, as I think I cant just rely on those in the ocean to do the work in finding me. I will need to find them. And if i'm really thirsty, I think there's every chance I can do this.

Facey post.

I love going through phases of smearing my presence all over Facebook's face.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

A one hat kind of guy.

Welllllll, it's been another great day.

Weather wise.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

For kicks

And for sale.

Oh, i'm retired

I invented dice when I was a kid.

Dusty CD

We should all try to make a life for ourselves that feels like the experience of listening to Catalyst by the New Found Glory boys, I reckon, namely the guitar in Truth of my Youth.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Day 1

The daily diary thing the guy writes in Into The Wild might not be a bad idea. Your days should be things that you could 'title', with at least one key thing happening so you could almost say 'that day was the day...' when looking back. And I guess the point of such a life would be to avoid ever having 2 of the same titles, and moreover, never being able to title a particular day at all.

Lonesome Jim

I guess I just dont understand why I can be watching a film and will with everything I have a character to try and make themselves happy and get what they want, but then have next to no motivation to do such for myself.

Joe, i'm watching this film, and it's shot all on DV cameras. We could easily make something on the cheap. Literally all we need is a script. We can act. Just need the girl. Got a wig?

Also, i'm keen to shift some of my work, so hit me with some requests for old pieces/new pieces I could do if you're keen.

Possibly the greatest dull blog ever?
I cant even come up with a good sign off!
My phone's ringing.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

" "

Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.

Tesco Application Form

For about a year i've done nothing!
Time to start doing something?

Probably a more insightful schmlog later onnnnn.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Friday Night Lights

Commission me, please.