Friday, 21 August 2009

Oh boy. You'll know soon enough.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Blazing Saddles

I'm sitting in a Cypriot bar, watching the game and thinking I need to redo my bloody team. Keane! Reina! Why didn't Berbs score?
Man alive. I love this game.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Gone fishing.

I'm off. For:

a new outlook
a reluctant tan
fantastic ideas for this project
family and memories
more Mumford, different setting
time away from my head
a long enough period of time so it's lovely to come home.

I'll see you, old JC.

Monday, 10 August 2009

A love letter to Grove more than anything [in a way]

We tore it up big styly today, the lads.
The kind of shapes we were throwing and moves we were cutting, the town centre must have not known what had hit it.
And with the tip of a newly acquired trendy hat, we were gone.

Mumford blasting at even above the special 13 volumes both geared us up for what was to come, our war cry as we shot behind enemy lines and some offered up tales of times they had foiund themselves behind their own enemy lines with their trousers down, and too offered a platform from which we could celebrate the boldness and courage displayed deep within incomprehensible regions of TK Maxx on the journey home.

I honestly have no idea what i'm doing.
I told myself I was going to blog about the weather and now have achieved not nearly anything close. Basically a concept I had I wanted to discuss, some crap like when it's sunny I feel like i'm wasting time even when i'm busy, but when it's raining time seems to stand for a period, the development of the day and indeed our shared lives and existence protected under cover of rain and cloud - creating the sensation of never really feeling I need to do anything for quite some time. And as it may seem understandable now, I really like the rainy days.
I hear it's gonna be pretty sunny the next few weeks. I'll be away in sunny Cyprus too, meaning i'm effectively serving a double sentence of inevitable 'time wasting'. Not because I wont be doing anything, but simply that i'll always feel I could be doing so much more.
I'm going to bloody try never to get to that point - writing portions of the elusive script whilst i'm away [we now have the story complete, done and dusted and all loose ends tied save one extremely key and delicious end so loose that by the end you'll want to stay for the sequel - where i'm sure we would have been able to secure much better and thus less attractive actors for such] and pondering just how I will approach this frustratingly late-issued 'summer' project. No doubt will the two go hand in hand, i'm pretty excited about the opportunity of kicking off my university career as an illustrator right away working within the ideas and approaches I wish to develop from.

When I get back, as Kirsten put it once, 'Summer is over, school is starting', and summer'll be over. Usually by the end of the summer i've been able to come round to the idea of it, but I am by no means unhappy to see the arrival of Autumn and contently bid farewell to what has been undoubtedly [pick any of them] an anti-climactic break. Autumn arguably brings even 'nicer' weather and even 'nicer' vistas to dwell upon, so dont let it get you down. It even provides you with a whiff of Christmas in the air, my favourite time of the year; for me it's like the whole Sept-Dec period is alllllll build up to late December. I'm pretty excited for all this change. And being able to wear layers again, making the most of all these clothes we buy. Reckon i'll splash out on a coat this year.
And buy one.

Much like the summer, this blog is fading to an Autumnal state. Could it mean much more beautiful entries are on their way as the year matures, or will they fall further from the peak I may or may not have already set, midsummer, as we begin the slow crawl towards the end of the year and, almost as soon as it is lost, the golden age of blogging, the summer, is all people talk about for the next 6 months?

I really couldn't tell you. I hope I can give it more purpose as I look to enrich my own life with much more in September. Hopefully I can start to share pretty regularly more useful ideas and thoughts, as well as my own work, hopefully through a fresh outlook once again, updating this weary, near 2 years old faulty one.

I mean, this has been a crazy entry guys. It hasnt gone even near what I thought it would have been, which was essentially just a means for me to write something, press publish and then revel in seeing words i've typed all over the internet, saved forever. For now, i'll leave it as it stands.

And dont worry, if you're not hooked and teased for what could come next, the ending for the film is much, much cleverer and superior to my writing here, so dont let it put you off slapping down your hard earned cash and coming to see our film.
Save that for our terrible acting and self-indulgence that will be discussed to no-end i'm sure in all the reviews.

Hopefully that can be one of the things Chen doesn't really grasp.

Monday, 3 August 2009

I know a few things.
One being I know I never want that Monday-morning-feeling with whatever I end up doing.