Monday, 9 November 2009

The vast approach to Midnight

What a lovely treat new music is.

Things to look foward to:

The Winter of Mixed Drinks
Seeing this very band in the New Year
Getting into/perhaps seeing Jetpacks [Conductor live, mannnnn]
Further delving deeper into the new Dashboard [and anticipating Wire Tapes Vol. 2, and the NFG/Dash split record]
McFly new album, Jack's Man new alb, Person L new alb, TSL reforming, SoCo reforming too
Radical Face to play with
The continued efforts of Mae which never fall flat
Acoustic La Roux cover
Doing some singing of my own and finally, finally learning to play.

I love how Frightened Rabbit have changed everything. I love what they mean. I love how I found them unexpectedly, and didn't ever expect them to become such a significant thing for me. I love to remember having their MySpace page playing away whilst You came over, and slowly discovering the meaning, at least for me, and us, of Good Arms vs. Bad Arms, and what it represents, as we drove around. I love to drive fast to The Modern Leper and Fast Blood, and dance to The Twist and Old Old Fashioned. I love that finally i've given Joe something back via this band, and that I like to think it probably makes up for everything he's sent my way. I love how they've solidified my love for all things Scot, and have led to other bands as a result. They've provided the soundtrack to this past year so fittingly. It's a shame we couldn't have tied everything up by seeing them tonight, but then i love how we'll have a whole new record when we do finally see them next year. I love the new single too, which can only make me even more positive for Mixed Drinks, and thus am a happy man tonight.
If a little gay, going by this post.

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