Sunday, 1 November 2009

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Just thinking about how I reckon a book about my life could be as entertaining, if not more, than any of the books about celebrities that flood the shelves every week. Why must the person be famous for someone to be able to invest interest into the autobiography? I guess it's because you could find some kind of comfort in the celebrity factor, allowing you to genuinely believe it all as true. Someone you dont know who writes a book isn't necessarily going to write a work of fiction, but it seems because they are unfamiliar to you, it certainly feels that way. It could def be as interesting and worthwhile to read. I just dont get how knowing this person exists for definite [without actually truly knowing them] and being able to see them all the time in their line of work makes their stories more captivating and worthy of your time and also, more legitimate!

I guess what i'm saying is if I wrote a book about my life so far, minus the celeb factor, it should have everything to be as interesting and entertaining as Richard Hammond's autobiography,

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