Monday, 4 May 2009

I'm afraid I just Bloomed myself.

I'm getting somewhere. Will probs go to Ox to buy some new shoes tomorrow, Joe's written something, and I have officially seen some of Bloom. It might only be it's opening, but it's damn interesting and i'm going to count it. Forget Wes Anderson, this is Rian Johnson.

My list of films to see and buy this year keeps getting longer. 500 Days of Summer really looks amazing; if I got into the business of making films like itself for the rest of my life, i'd be extremely happy. Not your all-out romcom, not your all-out indie quirk-fest with unconventionality on the side, it seems to sit nicely and comfortably some place in the middle. I think i'd like to write such stories, create such characters, using them to perhaps revisit some of the mistakes i've made in my own life. Or, to take moments directly from experience and be able to score them or soundtrack them exactly how I have imagined since. I'm real keen on the off-beat romcom, where it is romantic and it is funny, but it's just not so easy to swallow, you dont know who to back, and where you really have no idea where it could go. I guess I have more to say but i'm not too set in mind about anything yet. All I strive for is for what is now a hazy vision of a romantic, off-beat, quirky-but-not-too-much, comical, captivating, dramatic, excellent-looking-and-sounding, stylsed, from-life, charming, thought-provoking, long-living film. I'll use that list as the working title. Me and my mannn already have a few ideas we're batting around so maybe there's more to come of this kind of chatter. There'll definitely be a lot more batting, to say the least ;;

This blog may well become a daily idea-for-a-film diary. It'd be the most accurate way to capture in writing my day-to-day experience, which I guess is what a blog really is at the end of the day. It might be useful. It might just be something to embarassingly look back on. I'm cool with that though, I do it all the time. Just wondering, do I own any creative ideas I may write down in this archive of ramblings, or could someone pop online and steal many of the what I promise to be incredible things I come up with?

I heard an interesting thing today too. Basically, it's encouraged me to get to grips with what is happening in the world outside of entertainment and the like. But reading the papers today [and granted they consisted of The Sun and The Express], all i've taken from that is the world's second best restaurant is in Berkshire. Surely though, no one wants to go eat at a place that has been globally recognised as coming second? Either way, i'm forcing myself to pay more attention, as I dont want to turn up at uni and have everyone realise my ignorance.
/ I'm going to study art, and maybe it's about the time I commit to the 'artist' stereotype. In which case i'm going to continue to bury my head in the sand, and literally bury my head in sand as my next piece. And wear more waistcoats. And i'll throw a whacky 'y' in my name somewhere, and just go by that, no surname.

Uh? Oh, my list of films to see, if you're in anyway interested. It currently looks a little something like this:

The Hannah Montana Movie

I dig it, the girl can sing. And who doesnt love an 80s-esque switcheroo screwball comedy?

I think though that if I could only see one film this year, it'd be Transformers 2. It's just hands-down entertainment. I'd probably walk away wanting to buy a motorbike too.

It's like I get to a point when writing that I cant even remember the purpose of this entry. This format is so self-indulgent it's crazy. But as I know so few people are actually aware of this for now, I have a little time to continue to literally announce things that are only interesting/related to me. For me, it's just like an extended Facebook status. I have something to say that makes me very cool in my opinion, but no one really cares.
And then statuses that include at least 2 lols [with the obligatory finale lol] get commented until the cows come home. Always the double lol.

No analogies today, folks. I'm feeling pretty good. I'm okay.
I guess that's what this functions as too. Therapy. I'll talk forever about myself if I know someone's listening, and this way I can always assume they are.

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