Saturday, 25 April 2009

Where the wild things aren't.

Big things need to happen before I leave in September.

2 guys, a girl and a bus.
Working title I reck', but so bad that it doesnt warrant any kind of dressing up grammatically.
I've read that the best comedies don't reach for the cleverest of titles, and instead sometimes literally describing what you're about to see can get people in seats. This is a comedy.

The thing is, I think we could easily write something if I could just be bothered to sit down and maybe do terribly from the get go. The story's there though. And maybe not one that should be told, but definitely could be told.

I'm going to be creating [hopefully] an archive of daily posts of my cryptic musings, drawings and photos. Basically, i'm going to properly blog.
Please don't accuse me of short-changing you [see the title of this post].

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