Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Cargo Collective

Jack is an illustrative artist currently working in Oxfordshire. Later this year he will be moving to Bristol to begin both an art degree and a long-overdue state of maturity.

Inspired by an ongoing interest in Biology and fascinated by the elaborate construction of the world, Jack sees the potential for everyday life to inspire by 'looking closer'. He utilises the cinematic potential for depicting the ordinary, providing often static scenes with a hyper-realistic atmosphere and captivating narrative. Jack produces work heavily influenced by the art of film and, equally, to inspire cinematic endeavours.

He offers a unique style honed from mostly dramatic drawing to engage all consumers of visual imagery. His 'eye' is wide, examining depth/atmosphere of location and the characters within; also intricate/intense, studying aspects of life's complexity and capturing 'true' detail.

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