Monday, 27 April 2009



The number times I reckon i've whacked the kettle on boil today, just to give me some false sense that i'm doing something with my time. The issue is the fact that I never return to fix myself some coffee or whatever.

It's like in that split second, I find comfort in the fact I have maybe 3 minutes to wait for the boil. That's what i'll be doing next, making a lovely cup of coffee for myself. So for those 3 minutes i'm happy, I know exactly what i'm doing next, and I dont have to worry about actually sitting down and thinking about what I could be and should be doing. Short term relief suits me like I cant even describe. When I need to make a car journey, i'm happy cause there's literally nothing else I can do [ie. worry about my life] whilst i'm driving. When I go to work, I know I have a number of hours where i've been employed to actually do something and thus I cant get out of it. Or, more that I dont have to worry about doing anything else for that time because I have no other choice. Sitting at home, yeah, I have a bucnh of choices.

I then usually find some reason to leave the room before its boiled and only really remember what's happened when I next return to click the kettle on once more. And yeah, i'd say there's a good chance the exact same set of events takes place.

It just seems like a great analogy for a possible life I face. I could easily fall into a pattern of always clicking on the kettle, but then leaving the room without seeing things through to the boil. I might find something that I feel is good for the time being, it gives me something to do whilst only having to worry about the immeadiate future, but wont make me that cup of coffee I so desperately seek cause i'll never let myself get remotely near to that place, nor do I think i'll even look ahead hopefully for it. I wont even get the milk out.

Right now I cant see it, but maybe a day'll come that i'm standing with a spoon in one hand and the milk in the other, coffee already in the cup ready to be made a reality, with the moment perfectly scored by the nearby boil of water.
Or something less self-absorbed and neurotic.

Today was not all bad, however. Sketch coming soon.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Where the wild things aren't.

Big things need to happen before I leave in September.

2 guys, a girl and a bus.
Working title I reck', but so bad that it doesnt warrant any kind of dressing up grammatically.
I've read that the best comedies don't reach for the cleverest of titles, and instead sometimes literally describing what you're about to see can get people in seats. This is a comedy.

The thing is, I think we could easily write something if I could just be bothered to sit down and maybe do terribly from the get go. The story's there though. And maybe not one that should be told, but definitely could be told.

I'm going to be creating [hopefully] an archive of daily posts of my cryptic musings, drawings and photos. Basically, i'm going to properly blog.
Please don't accuse me of short-changing you [see the title of this post].